Medlock and Gramlich, LLP

When we moved in to 105 N. 14th, we asked around for some history of the building. At first, our requests fell on deaf ears. Then I was able to make contact with Ms. Terri Buster. Ms. Buster found some really interesting historical information about our new home.

The building at 105 N. 14th began its life around 1914 when the original owner began building. Unfortunately the original owner was not able to finish the project and Dr. Carl Bungart came in and acquired the property in about 1920. Dr. Bungart was a very important doctor to Fort Smith in the 1900s. He came to Fort Smith after a beginning his career as a bridge surgeon in Mexico. Dr. Bungart committed his talents to the military as a war surgeon in France during World War I. During that commitment, his hospital cared for and treated more injured soldiers than any other similarly staffed hospital. One day in the hospital he and his staff cared for over 4000 wounded troops. Dr. Bungart was a very important and integral part of the World War I medical team.

After the commitment to the military, Dr. Bungart returned to Fort Smith where he continued to practice medicine and be a vital part of the growing Fort Smith area. Beginning in early 1920 Dr. Bungart set up shop in the First National Bank Building where he served as a private physician and surgeon until his death in 1961. Dr. Bungart was laid to rest in the National Cemetery in Fort Smith.

As many of you may know, Chip Sexton joined with Medlock & Gramlich in July of 2014 and a new firm called Medlock, Gramlich & Sexton was formed. This meant we needed more room. Medlock & Gramlich had previously been officed at 910 South Greenwood but with the addition of Chip Sexton and new support staff we needed to find a larger location.

We at MGS took over the building at 105 N. 14th in June of 2014. We immediately began making the building our own while preserving the historical significance that Dr. Bungart and the previous tenants established at this fine downtown building. Our early projects to the building included interior and exterior improvements as well as making the space more suitable for use for an attorney’s office. We currently house 5 attorneys and 4 support staff in the office. We also have 3 conference rooms that are used for our attorneys as well as out of town visiting attorneys. We look forward to seeing you at the new location.

Come see our new location at 105 N. 14th in Fort Smith, AR.


By: Jered Medlock, Attorney at Law, Medlock, Gramlich & Sexton