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Family Law

At Medlock and Gramlich, LLP we appreciate the seriousness of family law and the emotions that accompany it. As such, we attend to each and every family law customer with the utmost respect. Some common areas of family law which we are able to assist are

In the State of Arkansas, the bonds of matrimony are protected by statute and in order to sever those bonds, a Decree of Divorce must be entered by the Circuit Court in the County where the divorce is filed. A divorce action is governed by Arkansas Code Annotated 9-12-301 et seq. In a typical divorce action the Judge is charged with the duty of dividing assets and liabilities of the parties as well as making a decision regarding child custody should the need present itself. In some circumstances, the Judge may award temporary or even permanent spousal support to ease the transition from the marital relationship to post divorce.

It is important in Divorce actions to seek the assistance of counsel soas to protect yourself and your property at the dissolution of your marital relationship. The attorneys at Medlock and Gramlich, LLP can help decipher the complicated problems associated with dividing retirement accounts, mortgage and credit card debts, personal property, automobiles, and other marital property that may be subject to division.

Child Custody
Child custody matters are among the most sensitive and emotionally challenging legal processes an individual can go through. At Medlock and Gramlich, LLP we have lawyers who regularly practice Child Custody law in the River Valley and Northwest Arkansas. The Courts in Child Custody matters are charged with determining the best interest of the child and ensuring that the best interest of the child is served by placement of custody with a parent. In the Child Custody arena, our attorneys regularly evaluate the status of the ever changing criteria that the Courts use to make their custody decisions. Recent changes in the case law are always relevant to Child Custody decisions and the way we present your case to the Courts. The lawyers at Medlock and Gramlich, LLP receive weekly updates of Supreme Court and Appellate Court decisions soas to remain current with the ever changing arena of Child Custody Law.

Child Custody cases should never be taken lightly and it is important to remember the delicate balance of emotion and diligence when presenting a Child Custody case. The attorneys at Medlock and Gramlich, LLP regularly seek the appointment of an ad litem attorney who is appointed to represent the children in Child Custody Cases. These ad litem attorneys will be the voice for your children to the Court and we at Medlock and Gramlich, LLP value our working relationships with the ad litem attorneys in and around the River Valley and Northwest Arkansas.

The area of Guardianship law is commonly one that is lumped in with Custody and Family Law but is actually a creature of Probate Law. A Guardianship is a process that is used to protect the person and/or estate of an incapacitated individual who is unable to protect themselves. We commonly see Guardianships arise when an elderly individual or a very young person needs someone to protect their health and well being. Our attorneys maintain a steady and consistent Probate and Guardianship practice and stay well versed in the factual bases required to establish a Guardianship.

Adoptions can be an exciting time in your life, but often involve a stressful and cumbersome process. The Attorneys at Medlock and Gramlich, LLP are here to take the stress away from you so that you and your family can focus on the more exciting and joyful aspects during this time in your life. We understand the adoption process under the laws of the State of Arkansas and are experienced attorneys willing and able to handle your questions and concerns with the process.

We understand people considering adoption have many questions about the process and we are here to answer these questions for you.

Who can be adopted?
Any person can be adopted in the state of Arkansas, whether that person is a minor or an adult.

Who can adopt another person?
You can adopt a person on your own as an unmarried adult, whether you are a biological parent or not. You can adopt a person together with your spouse. You can adopt a person as a stepparent married to one of the person’s biological parents.
When can I adopt?

Under Arkansas law, you can adopt a minor with the consent of his or her biological parents. If the minor’s parent or parents give consent, then the parent or parents are given a 10-day period during which they can withdraw their consent. There are certain situations when you may not need consent from the minor’s parent or parents. If one parent has not had any contact with the minor for at least 12 consecutive months or has failed to pay child support for at least 12 consecutive months, then you can terminate that parent’s parental rights without his or her consent and legally adopt the minor under Arkansas law. For the adoption of an adult, written consent of the adult to be adopted must be obtained.

Why Medlock and Gramlich, LLP?
The attorneys at Medlock and Gramlich, LLP understand the emotional and trying times that accompany family law procedures. Our attorneys regularly practice in all areas of family law and know what Judges consider important evidence. We can help you gather the correct and appropriate evidence to present to help you through trying and emotional times that come with family law cases.